Areas of Practice


Many injuries are the result of negligence, recklessness or failure to uphold safety guidelines. Chadwick Law Firm understands the traumatic state or emotional stress an accident or injury can create. Our goal is to provide dedicated, skilled and effective legal representation to our clients who have been hurt. If you have suffered,been injured or involved in a bicycle accident, drunk driving accident, car accident, Motorcycle accident, or slip and fall, we will stand up for your rights and seek to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. We also handle claims involving workers compensation, product defects, boating or cruise ship accidents, maritime law and more, please refer below to the chart and complete list of our practice areas at Chadwick Law Firm.

An injury lawyer at Chadwick Law Firm can help clients be treated fairly in compliance with our Florida system of civil justice. In some cases, it may be the best decision of our client to have their case tried by a trial jury. We want you to speak with one of our experienced attorneys at Chadwick Law Firm about your case. We can explain your options and protect your rights and interests. Please call (877)264-1515 Toll Free or contact us online today; you can speak to an attorney 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact a Tampa, Pasco or Hernando personal injury attorney from our law firm today to learn more.


The goal at Chadwick Law Firm is to provide skilled and dedicated legal representation to people who have been injured, suffered from neglect, misdiagnosed, or misrepresented in any ay. We handle cases is many areas including estate, probate, and the handling of wills for many of our clients also.