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Everyone has a Will

You either prepare your own Will, or your State Legislature has written one for you. Your choice.

Chadwick Law Firm, Tampa Bay, Florida attorneys experienced in helping clients plan for the future, meets both notions: “I want to determine the distribution of my estate prior to my death,” and, “I don’t care.”

Assuming you are among those who care, you will want answers to many questions, such as:

  • What does a Will accomplish?
  • How long is a Will good?
  • Is a Life Insurance program a substitute for a Will?
  • Is a Trust a substitute for a Will?
  • Does a Will increase Probate expenses?
  • Who should prepare a Will?
  • What about a Living Will?

Securing your legacy

You work hard for your family. Knowing you are adding to their well-being and financial security can bring personal comfort to you. This may include guardians, pets and personal philanthropic causes. This is Your legacy.

A Will is necessary if you intend to leave property to a person or entity other than a blood relative, such as a domestic partner, a friend or a charity. If you die without a Will, the court determines how your property is distributed, who cares for your children or pets – possibly making decisions that do no reflect your desires.

What can a Will accomplish?

Beyond the advantages already stated,

  • You may name the executor of your Will
  • A Trust may be created for family members or others
  • Real estate or other assets may be sold without court proceedings
  • You may decide who bears any tax burdens

If you have not created a Will, the State makes distributions according to a formula fixed by law. With no Will, the court appoints a representative to manage your estate. The cost of this administration may be subject to greater court supervision. Again, this is your choice.

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Your questions

  • Is a life insurance program a substitute for a Will?

NO. Life insurance is only one kind of property that you own, and a Will is necessary to dispose of other assets you own at your death.

  • Is a trust a substitute for a Will?

NO. In most situations a trust may be used in addition to your Will.

  • Must one go to court to probate my Will?

NO. Personal court appearances are usually not needed to probate a Will.

  • Can a Will reduce taxes?

YES. A well-drawn Will can reduce estate and income taxes that may arise at your death.

  • Who should prepare my Will?

A professional who has successfully performed this task many times, in many situations with many variables. Only an attorney skilled in preparing Wills can avoid the innumerable pitfalls that change or negate your intentions.

Suggestions concerning your Will

Marriage does not cancel a Will in Florida, but a spouse acquired after the execution of a Will may receive the same portion of your estate that the spouse would have received had you died without a will.

If you have moved to Florida from another state, it is wise to have your Will reviewed by a Florida attorney to know it is properly executed according to Florida laws, that the witnesses are available in Florida, and that your personal representative is qualified to serve in Florida.

Florida Statutes provide for your written declaration specifying directions as to use of life-prolonging procedures.

Other considerations that may be included in your Will:

  • Durable power of attorney
  • Healthcare surrogate
  • Pre-need guardian designation

No matter how well-intentioned a Will may be, unless it is properly prepared and executed in strict compliance with the laws of Florida, your Will may be entirely void. This applies to Tampa Bay and surrounding counties.

Be sure to prepare and execute your Will in the presence of an attorney, like the Will professionals at Chadwick Law Firm. Nothing is too large or too small for these skilled Will lawyers. Call 877-264-1515 today.